Oh she does like to be beside the seaside PV


SO DELIGHTED TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE (aka SHELF) present OH SHE DOES LIKE TO BE BESIDE THE SEESIDE. The second exhibition to hit our permanent gallery space SHELF Spanish City. This show will celebrate nine female artists whose work is unbeatably strong and unashamedly seductive. From motifs of Pompeii to passion fruit esculence – we’ll have it all- and a cherry on top, after all ‘shy bairns get nowt’.

Like the two iconic dancing ladies known to perch proud on top of the roof of Spanish City- many women find themselves on the receiving end of unprompted gazes. Here at the Sheside, we will readdress the balance, inviting these nine women and their works to return the gesture, to be beholden, bold, beautiful and to bounce it back.

Featuring artworks by: Saelia Aparicio; Aisha Christison; Molly Goldwater; Jane Hayes-Greenwood; Ellie MacGarry; Genevieve Slater; Hannah Tilson; Mary Wintour; Michaela Yearwood-Dan and curated by SHELF.

Opening reception August 23rd from 6-9pm SHELF SPANISH CITY, Watts road, Whitley Bay, NE26 1BG Exhibition continues Aug 24 -Sept 26 2018 10am-10pm

For more information www.shelflondon.com & @shelf_london

Nine female artists, curated by myself and Sarah Roberts aka SHELF.  CHECK IT xx


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