Harlesden High Street || New Materialities in the Digital Age


6 Nov-2 Dec 2018 ||  New Materialities in the Digital Age  || Harlesden High Street
PV  13 November, 6-9pm.  Harlesden High street, 7 Bell Yard, London,

The digital era offers multiple possibilities surrounding the production, simplification, automation and creation: this has opened the door for new materialities that not only respond to the physicality of an object but also to its processes and exchanges developed from digitization.
Taking as a starting point the theories created by James Bridle and the New Aesthetic Tumblr project, Christiane Paul and the concept of Neomateriality, Bernard Stiegler and his ideas behind Hypermateriality and Timur Si-Quin’s perception of Metamaterality, this talk will look into these concepts and their incidence in the creative world, design and mass production.
Understanding the difference between new materials and new materialities from the processes of dematerialization – digitization – rematerialization we’ll be looking into the ideas of ubiquity, teleportation and clonation inside art production.

This talk will be followed by a screening of audiovisual pieces which seek to blur the borders of materials and become dimensional hybrids, playing with the idea of new materialities themselves.

Exhibiting artists include:
Bob Bicknell-Knight, Juan Covelli, Jayson Kym Haebich, Steve Gee, Tom Johnson, Bex Massey, Jon Rafman, Anna Sebastian, Lewk Wilmshurst & Laura Yuile

5 Nov – 2 Dec 2018
Private View: 13 November, 6-9pm




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