…STILL discussing, dissecting and discovering components of  the delicious art sandwich that is: David Hockney, the North and the nineties. 


…STILL posting an image a day in the run up to my Arebyte LASER residency & solo show.


…documents the foetal canvas and workings for A HA.  A HA is based on the 1963 painting by David Hockney Seated woman being served tea by standing companion:  Which in itself seeks to further analyse the original same titled photograph by the late Eadweard Muybridge. 

The imagery I have chosen to use in reinterpreting said painting is based on childhood memories of having a cuppa after school with my gran.  That’s to say:  THE best chats and Byker Grove (filmed near me-but not in Byker guys #sozayea ).

I have therefore created a palette based on the opening sequence of the 80’s/90s cult TV classic.  The credits feature a grainy Byker background with members of the cast looking A++ jumping.  Above their heads objects appear:  Can of pop; bike wheel; dog; yellow acid house face; shell suit print; trainers and lips to name but a few.  The subject matter that I have utilised to reference this is as follows:  Collier Campbell ‘Cote d’azur’ fabric print (shell suit print and my then bedspread), three images of me jumping (looking equally as rad as the cast), a still life (Lilt can) and an area from the ‘Beethoven’ the movie poster (dog).

I have created a mock perspective surrounding the nature morte.  Despite the foreground manipulating perspective the eye still manages to re-imagine this area as a 3D plain and table cloth of sorts.  I aim to create a degree of realism with the fruits.  They will however continue to be painted with an overt nod to pop art and cubism as the Fibonacci sequence present within both rinds seems to predetermine.  This will sit in contrast with the wash of the table cloth, shine of the gloss pink background and trompe l’oeil Beethoven poster. The whole ensemble sitting less as a memento mori (although some would argue that Lilt is as pleasing as many of the elements one would usually find in a vanitas) and more a playful take on an historical genre.

…Well that’s the plan



And no fear pals…we are nearing the end of the road now…as that’s…

JAN binned

FEB fin

MARCH done

APRIL cometh…then just over a month left and you are free